Friday, June 1, 2012

Fini Friday! Faerie Inspiration!

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to Fini Friday!  I hope the weather in your neck of the woods is as gorgeous as it is in mine today!
I have new creations to show you that will be available for adoption either in my Etsy shoppe or this weekend!
First up!
More Faerie Dust Bottles! YAYAYAYYAY!!
These will be available tomorrow at Johnstock (details below)!

My next bit of news brings more detail on Wing Repair! The elastic that held my Faerie Winds at the shoulders finally died and I decided to replace them with more elastic, but a bit thicker! Here are those new straps!
They'll get a test flight this weekend!

Last, but not least is a new creation!
Title: Faerie Glow Charm
Ingredients: Vintage lucite, Czech glass, acrylic, hand-finished brass(USA), metal.
This creation is all about that lovely, luminous vintage lucite ring! I fell in love with their soft glow from across the room at a trade show and knew I had to create something with them! Here is the first of those creations! The clasp is the hand-finished brass spiral and large ring of the same colour from which suspends that soft, sunshine yellow ring! The brass ring slips around the whorls of the spiral for a secure hold! The charms are soft and sparkly, with flashes of colour and playful mischief here and there...and all in shapes and of things that a Faerie would treasure... There is a deeply green & blue bead, gently nestled in a Fairy-ornate beadcap...suspiciously reminiscent of the Planet Earth! We also spy an iridescent Fairy leaf, a star the colour of Spring and growing things and a Faerie ladybug for good luck! All of that which would help a Faerie to keep their glow alive!
This necklace creation is in my Etsy Shoppe now!!!

Below are details as to where to find me this weekend and I do hope you're able to come and visit!

Johnstock Saturday, June 2nd Only!
10am to 6pm
Along Johnston Street, near Crafty Planet
2833 Johnston Street NorthEast Minneapolis, MN 55418

I'll see you, if not this weekend, then on Monday!

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