Friday, October 4, 2013

Fini Friday! Flitting Hither and Yon!

Hello Hello!
Welcome to Fini Friday!
I hope this blog post finds you well and looking forward to the weekend!!
I am!
There is much to show you so let's get started!!
First, the promised photos of me flitting about on Faerie Friday!
There I am with my new wings!  I'm leaning up against a retired Postal Jeep that is part of Paul Purdes' Spiritual Journeys.
This is a new venture for my husband and a trip in the Jeeps is always something I look forward to! 
You can see Downtown Minneapolis in the background of the photo, which is where I was flitting around for part of Friday afternoon!  It was much fun and even a request for a photo! YAY!

Next up is an experiment with a new kind of bottle!
This bottle shape reminds me of incandescent light bulbs!  The caps glue on and the pendant-bottles are then hung by the hole at the top.  I'm currently testing them with the glue I have on-hand so stay tuned to hear how that turns out!  It may be that these will be available for adoption at the Art Crawl!!!

And speaking of that Art Crawl... 

I've a sneak peek at that free creation that will be hidden somewhere in the Lowertown Lofts over the Crawl weekend!
This is it!  
Stay tuned to Twitter (sc_amysprite) for clues as to where to find it!!!

And one last chance for details on that aforementioned Art Crawl!!!
I'll be on the 3rd Floor Atrium, rather than the previously-mentioned 4th, so do look for me there!!!

The Saint Paul Art Crawl Friday, Oct. 4th through Sunday Oct 6th!  3rd Floor Atrium of the Lowertown Lofts Artist Co-op!
Hope to see you soon!

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