Friday, October 18, 2013

Fini Friday! Plots and Plans!

Hello Hello! Welcome to Fini Friday!
I hope your week has been filled with fun and adventure!
I've a few new ideas to show you in this post as well as a tad bit of news!
First! The plots and plans!
This is a necklace creation that I'm still developing. I like some of the chain options more than others...but I'm still not quite certain how this will play out! The gorgeous pendant in the center, by the way, is faceted smoky quartz and sterling silver! This might end up being a multi-layered chain necklace....or I might keep the design simple so as to show off that beautiful stone!
Stay tuned!

This second photo is a collection of beads and ideas for some spooky-fun Halloween creations!  I don't normally gravitate towards skulls and I'm very selective about those I do play with.  These are stylized and have much potential with their simple design!  Did you spy the owl and moons?  There is a cat sitting quietly in the centre and other mysteriously cool beads scattered hither and yon!
You'll have to stop by for a visit again to see what happens next!
And now!  The News!
There is a second session in the Welcome to Being Human series on BlogTalk Radio!
Sunday, Oct. 27th at 5pm (CST, USA) Cheryl Patton and I will be chatting about often impossible pedestal we humans (especially those in the healing arts) are placed on and the stifling effects of "always staying positive".  
Who put us up there anyway?  
Join us for insight, laughter and fun as we poke at the foiables and follies of life as Human Beans!

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