Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Whimsy Wednesday! Googly Eyes and Childhood Friends!

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to this Whimsy Wednesday which is chock-full of things I find whimsical and amusing!
It is my hope to help the world be a bit brighter by sharing magic and a good laugh!
Let's start with the Googly Eyes!
Googly Eyes are whimsical enough on their own!
Yet when paired with classic literature, it is wonderful!
Take a look! Aren't those amazing?!!
Let's finish up with the childhood friends!
I've been a longtime fan of Calvin and Hobbes and this little fan-made video of them dancing is delightful!
Click here for the video by Adamanimates!
Isn't that fun?! 
So that is it for this Whimsy Wednesday!
See you on Friday!

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