Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Whimsy Wednesday! Skulls and Sprucing Up!

Hello Hello!
Welcome to Whimsy Wednesday!
I've been creating in the studio as well as sprucing up a tad bit!  This post will show a little of both!
First, the new creation!
Title: As Yet Unknown
There are more creations inspired by the spooky part of the season growing up, so stay tuned for that! In the meantime, let's chat about these earrings! The white skulls are howlite (which is often mistaken for turquoise) wrapped with hand-finished brass and accented with Czech glass and suspended from forest green Artistic wire. Howlite is thought to help focus the mind and articulate thoughts as well as calm the internal critic, stress, anger and etc.  Some also believe that this stone aids in inner knowing, opening the third eye and seeing into other dimensions/time-space continuum.  What an intriguing choice for skull beads, yes?

Next up!
A bit of that studio spruce up I mentioned!
I acquired a few new backgrounds for photos on a recent Walkabout!
Here they are! Both of the backgrounds are of gorgeous, heavy, textured paper with embossed designs! The brown flows with spirals and the green grows with leaves! Aren't they fetching?! The textures will add visual interest whilst the consist colour of the backgrounds will be an excellent backdrop in which to showcase my creations! YAY!!!!
You'll have to stop back by to see how and when these are used! Whee!

One last thing of note before we take our leave of each other... There is a second session in the Welcome to Being Human series on BlogTalk Radio!
Sunday, Oct. 27th at 5pm (CST, USA) Cheryl Patton and I will be chatting about often impossible pedestal we humans (especially those in the healing arts) are placed on and the stifling effects of "always staying positive".  
Who put us up there anyway?  
Join us for insight, laughter and fun as we poke at the foiables and follies of life as Human Beans!
See you Friday!

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