Friday, October 11, 2013

Fini Friday! New Materials, New Directions!

Hello Hello!
Welcome to Fini Friday!

Today is a day chock-full of adventure and events, so let's get started!
I've lots of new materials to show you!
These are suede leather bracelets, cut in strips.  I picked them up on Walkabout a few weekends back.  Aren't they gorgeous!! I'm looking forward to playing with them... dangling things off of the various strips, pulling them in a Steampunk or Art Noveau direction or...?

What you see in the next photo are two squares of fabric, which are also new additions to the studio!  The lovely brown and green vine-y bit is slated to turn into a bag.  The other fabric is just awesome!  I fell in love with it but tried to talk myself out of it...until I saw the title of the design...Legend of the Mountain Faeries!!! And a bit of that had to come home with me!  Who knows what it will grow into?!  
I've a few new directions I'm moving into, so stay tuned!

Speaking of tuning in....
My next BlogTalk Radio Interview is coming up soon!
Next Tues., Oct 15th at 12 Noon (CST, USA) is the October Messages From the Faeries!
Pull up a chair and a cuppa of your favorite beverage as Cheryl and I discuss the insights the Faeries have to give for the mysterious month of October!

See you Monday!


  1. I did Art Perchance again! So I was thinking of you. Good luck with your latest talk radio event.

  2. Hey Sharon!!! Thanks for finding me over here!!
    CONGRATULATIONS on being juried into the Art PerChance 4 years in a row!!
    I hope you had so much fun!!!