Friday, October 25, 2013

Fini Friday! Skulls and Spice!

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to Fini Friday!
It is Fall in our neck of the woods and we've already had a bit of snow and ice! The snow has nearly completely melted (thankfully!) as it was too warm for the ground to freeze just yet.
Pumpkins, scarecrows, crops being harvested and so forth are common sights and I love the rich, warm colours associated with this season! Why mention any of this? Read on and you'll see!!!

First, some creation ideas that are brewing...inspired by the upcoming All Hallow's Eve Holiday!
Methinks these will be earrings and the design touches a bit upon the Day of the Dead as well as the Fae.
The vision I've in mind is wire-wrapping the luscious, smaller multi-coloured beads around the skulls.

These second set of skulls, dyed an intriguing yellow, are slated (at least right now) to be a bracelet...possibly on black leather! ...
Possibly with wrapping or braiding...
Stay tuned to see what happens next!!!

And now...for the spice!
I love tea. Absolutely yes!
So, one of the ways I'm celebrating the season is with a seasonal tea!
MMMMmmmmmm!  Doesn't that look yummy?!  I've found that this company makes scrumptious teas, on the whole, and I'm looking forward to trying their Pumpkin Spice tea!
Not all spiced teas are created equal, so wish me luck on this one!!
By the way... did you notice the background?  Perhaps it might look familiar....say from a post on Wednesday, perhaps?  
Hee hee!

One last thing before we part company... There is a second session in the Welcome to Being Human series on BlogTalk Radio!
Sunday, Oct. 27th at 5pm (CST, USA) Cheryl Patton and I will be chatting about often impossible pedestal we humans (especially those in the healing arts) are placed on and the stifling effects of "always staying positive".  
Who put us up there anyway?  
Join us for insight, laughter and fun as we poke at the foiables and follies of life as Human Beans!
See you next week!

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