Friday, March 16, 2012

Fini Friday! Wearin' O' the Squinkies and the Green!

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to Fini Friday and the day before Saint Patrick's Day!
However you celebrate this holiday, be safe! I'm so pleased that this blog post is again in perfect step with the Fusion Beads March Blog Challenge! The challenge a few days back was to make a multi-strand necklace and this fit perfectly into my Fini Friday goal of finishing existing creations!
I've had the idea to use a small herd of non-matching Squinkie animals in some way and I call the finished creation a success! I wanted to approach the idea of a multi-strand necklace in a little different way and so I used fiber rather than chain or cable for the multiple strands! The result is something very soft, very colourful and very playful! Take a look!
Title: As Yet Unknown
Ingredients: Squinkies, fiber, Bali silver, aluminum, lead-free pewter, metal.

The Squinkie animals are, in order from left to right: Squirrel, Mouse, Giraffe, Frog, Puppy. Isn't this just fun!?! Look for this in my Etsy shoppe as soon as I discover it's title!

The earring creation I have to show you next follows the Blog Challenge for today, which also celebrates Saint Patrick's day... by creating something with green!
Title: Faerie Lanterns
Ingredients: Czech glass, vintage acrylic, brass beadcaps, Artistic wire, surgical steel earwires.

I love taking the opportunity to play with wire and I think you can really see it in these earrings! I've wanted to create something with these crackle-finished round beads for quite some time and here they are!
FYI:These are in my Etsy shoppe now!

And with that, I wish you all a Happy Saint Patrick's Day and lovely weekend!
Be smart and safe about this holiday and I'll see you on Monday!

Slan! (That's goodbye in Gaelic... if I could find the accent key!)


  1. does the squinkies come off ?
    how do you make it stay on the necklace ?

    1. Hello Mandy!
      Thanks for commenting here!
      I apologize the long delay...somehow your comment got lost!
      Unfortunately, the squinkies aren't meant to come off.
      That's a good idea though! ...And one I'm going to ponder about! Thanks!
      Each squinkie has a metal pin (with a head - called a headpin) with a larger round spacer bead strung on the underneath and on top of the Squinkie. An accent bead is placed on top of the Squinkie's head and then each is secured with a wrapped loop! This is the most wire-work loop that can be made in jewelry so no escaping Squinkies here!!