Monday, March 12, 2012

Magical Monday! Beautiful Clouds.. and a Unicycle?!

Hello Everyone!!!
Welcome to Magical Monday!
My weekend was fabulous and I hope yours was as well!
I have all sorts of nifty to show you today and I think I'll start with the beautiful and ethereal and end with the awesomely surreal!
So! For the beautiful and ethereal...

This image courtesy of Your Soulful Nature on Facebook! I have no idea if it is altered in any way but it looks so inviting, relaxing and nourishing all at once!

On to the still ethereal and shifting to nifty, I present epic win photos - Cloud Lights WIN Cloud Lights by Wedding High! This includes a DIY tutorial so you can make it yourself (which I might just do...hrmmm...!)

And lastly, to the awesomely surreal!
Darth Vader in a traditionally-inspired kilt, playing the bagpipes on a UNICYCLE!!!!
And yes, yes that *is* the Star Wars theme he is playing on the bagpipes while riding the Unicycle down the street! For the Win!!!

So, I hope this helps infuse some Magic into your Monday and I'll see you on Wednesday!


  1. Those clouds are pretty nifty. Cool!

    1. I know!!! I love them!! I might have to whip up a batch myself!!!