Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Whimsy Wednesday! Dragonfly and Faery!

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to Whimsy Wednesday!
Whew!! This has been a busy, busy week so far!!
As I mentioned earlier, I've been participating in Fusion Beads March Blog Challenge and have a few creations inspired by that to show you today! Both of these creations incorporate chain in what I feel are innovative ways and I'm pleased to show them to you!
Let's get started!

Title: Fairy's Secret Garden
Ingredients: Artisan Furnace Glass, Mood Bead(Secret Garden design), upcycled chain, lead-free pewter, aluminum.

That wonderful chain is diminutive enough that the artisan-made furnace beads, Mood and lead-free pewter beads slide freely along it! Instant fidget toy!!! Isn't that awesome? Also! The centre bead is a Mood Bead in the Secret Garden design! I finished the bracelet with vivid violet-coloured rings and a beautifully detailed toggle clasp that has a star-shaped opening with Dream imprinted on it as the toggle and a wonderfully-detailed Faerie (in flight!) as the bar. There is so much I love about this magical creation!

I love the play of colours and textures in this next creation!
Title: Dragonfly At Play
Ingredients: Aluminum, metal, lead-free pewter.

Upcycled chain in silver, gold and copper tones are playfully weave through a recently-created electric blue aluminum chain in this eco-friendly creation, reminding us of the path a dragonfly might take as it weaves through the currents of air and stalks of grass! And speaking of dragonflies... all of this fabulous chain culminates in an enchanting dragonfly clasp! I love that this necklace is so sleek and modern, yet has a whimsical and fairy-tale feel to it!

Both of these creations are available for adoption in my Etsy shoppe now!
So, there you have it! A Wednesday full of wings and whimsy!
I hope the rest of your week is fabulous and I'll see you on Friday!!!

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