Monday, March 26, 2012

Magical Monday! With Humor and Beauty...

Hello!! Welcome to Magical Monday and the work week for many!
I figured humor and beauty would be greatly appreciated on this day and so I've found some humorous photos and a beautiful video to share with you today!

I feel like this could be a good view of life and the perspective of being the architect of your life....
epic win photos - Construction WIN

Personally, I think this elephant is wise. Why not use the resources you have at-hand (or perhaps at-trunk?), rather than fighting everyone else for a spot at the river?
...And I just love the look on it's face as the photo was taken!
epic win photos - Getting a Drink WIN

This is just beautiful to me! Seeing the tiger in such graceful, powerful motion, projected all around Paris on a wonderful contrast of backgrounds is just awesome! As is the fact that someone(s) thought of this idea and made it happen!
Clicky for video!.

So there you have it!
Have a fabulous Monday and see you for Whimsy Wednesday!

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