Monday, March 19, 2012

Magical Monday! Conquering Your Fear!

Hello Everyone!
I hope your weekend was wonderful!
I've three bits of inspiration for you today, centering around conquering your fears!
Let's start with the photos first!
The image below is courtesy of Your Soulful Nature. This scene reminds me of where we all start with goals we want to achieve. We often sit and contemplate them from a safe, sometimes beautiful, quiet place. From that vantage point, all looks to be possible, or at least more secure that what we see we are about to risk in hopes of achieving our goals and conquering our fears.

I can't seem to find the photographer to credit for this spectacular photo, but I do know it is of a bridge in Budapest.
epic win photos - Budapest Bridge WIN

We see where we are clearly enough, in this photograph, but our fears can cloud our resolve and vision what is on the other side or what we want to achieve. The bridge is our hope, courage and determination... and the action that we must take that proves our fears wrong.

The young lady in the video below takes us through all of these steps and the elation that follows when we realize we can break through our limitations!
Click here for video!

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