Monday, April 9, 2012

Magical Monday! Playing!

Hello Everyone!
I hope this was a fabulous Spring Celebration weekend for those of you who observe those holidays!
I have some really fun things to show you today and they are all about playing!
Let's start with the more serene example first!
Roller Coaster!
epic win photos - Roller Coaster WIN
Isn't this just gorgeous scenery? I regret that I have no more details than what can be gleaned from this photo as to which roller coaster this is or where it is located...

The next bit of playing is much more colourful and is in a more urban setting, though, again, I don't know when or where this photo and wonderful bit of playing took place...
epic win photos - Slip 'n Slide WIN
Doesn't that look like FUN!?!!!!

For our last bit of playing, let's travel over to Berlin, just two days ago for a celebration of International Pillow Fight Day! I'm sad to say that I did not realize this Holiday was happening, but I *love* the idea of it and am happy to see others enjoying it very much!
Click here for the YouTube video and watch those feathers fly!

There's your bit of playing for a Monday and I hope this helps with the rest of your week!
See you on Wednesday!

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