Friday, April 6, 2012

Fini Friday! Cleaning and Preparations!

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to Fini Friday!
Cleaning continues to be a theme this week, as does organizing and preparing for the upcoming show season! I'm applying and hearing back from more and more shows and so traveling out and about with my creations again is becoming more real. This means that all the little tasks that I listed and intended to do during the winter holiday either need to be done or to be let go.
So! I've already finished one item and I'll show you that below...
With the plastic pencil box open...
I was having so much fun reorganizing this little drawer that I forgot to snap a "before" photo! These two photos are "after". It may not look like it at first glance, but the contents of this drawer are the results of evolution over several shows. From top to bottom, we have plastic clips (for securing table coverings and all manner of things), pins, 2 types of tape measures, tape, a plastic pencil case full of little things, extra pens, a lock, and small magnets (for securing my banners). The second photo is the pencil case open for a peek inside. There are charts for the mood beads I sell (one of the few things on my table I don't create myself but do PLAY with all the time!), a metal polishing cloth, change, glass cleaner and paper towel, safety pins, rubbing alcohol and a spare battery. Not included in the photo or drawer (yet!) is a roll of vinyl or electrical tape (tent or other repairs) and a small pad of paper (to write down ideas or suggestions from booth guests and fellow artists). As you might have guessed, while much in this drawer is used at every show; some things are rarely needed, but when they are, they are sorely needed!

I'll finish up this post with a few photos of a new display for my ring creations!
I've switched displays to something more compact, both because I needed the space and also to give me more options in arranging my display elements at each show.
Each show has it's own special requirements for set-up, even if many of them offer the same spacial dimensions and so I like to have some flexibility in my displays.
Here, let me show you!
Closed and ready to pack
up for home! Open, with back as a display...

A close-up of all those beautiful ring shinies!

So there you have it! A bit of nattering about cleaning, preparation and even show display!
Of course, if you are in the Central MN area, you can always visit me at a show and see all of this Sprite-ly Goodness in person!
You can find my current event schedule here!
Here is where I'll be for the month of April!

Tuesday, April 17th 3-4pm (CST, USA) Message #6 On BlogTalk Radio! with Cheryl Patton of 1Woman's Wisdom

April 21st (Saturday only!) Moonlight & Magic Expo 9am to 5pm ($5 Admission)
Panelist for "Let Their Voices Be Heard"-A Medium Gathering 7-9pm ($25 Admission)

Saint Paul Art Crawl!
Friday, April 27th 6 to 10pm
Saturday, April 28th Noon to 8pm
Sunday, April 29th Noon to 5pm
Lowertown Lofts-3rd to 5th Floor Atriums-Saint Paul, MN

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