Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Whimsy Wednesday! Bits and Pieces!

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to Whimsy Wednesday!
I have a whimsical assortment of things to show you today!
There has been some cleaning up going on around here and as the sorting goes on, childhood treasures are found! I've some childhood toys to show you that will end up in my creations one way or another!

From left to right are dominoes and a little plastic train car and a wooden Tinkertoy!
The Tinkertoy might become a pendant or focal of some kind... as well as the dominoes... I love that mighty lion on the back of them! and the little train car? I might play with the textures that makes on synthetic clay before turning that into a creation... pendant? earring? Who knows! We'll see!

I picked up another piece of material for my creations over the weekend!

is a piece of fish leather! Yes! That's right, cured fish skin! It is from Iceland and is a by-product of their busy fish trade. This forest green bit is from a Salmon and I'm envisioning atleast one bracelet made with it! I love that lush colour! It speaks of all sorts of forest-y visions!

And what's this? It seems I've put some of the new-found treasure to use already!

Yup! Those are the dominoes (with that fabulous lion!) as part of my photo display for the earring creation titled Soft-Hearted! Isn't that a rich, interesting look? The larger black hearts in these earrings are flocked and pettably soft! I wrapped brass filigree around that softness for a warmer, Art Noveau (for perhaps Faerie Nouveau!) look and the entire earring is finished with mysterious Jet Swarovski crystals!!! They're in my Etsy shoppe now!

So there we are! The end of another Whimsy Wednesday! I hope this brightened your evening and I'll look for you on Friday!

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