Monday, April 2, 2012

Magical Monday! Colour!

Hello Everyone!
I hope your weekend was fabulous!
I have little bits of fun and colour to show you today!
I regret that I have very little information about where and when this photo was taken and who the bioluminiscent creatures are, but this is so beautiful!
epic win photos - Bioluminiscent Beach WIN

Next up! A cake (yes! A cake!) that I would love to own but probably never actually eat (how could you cut into that????!), so it would probably be best for me to find a statue or snuggly soft stuffed animal like that instead! But here she is!
epic win photos - Unicorn Cake WIN
Isn't that AMAZING!!!???!

And lastly, a video! About a Colour Party! This seems to be originally inspired by the Holi Festivals in India, which seem to be a celebration of the coming of Spring and bidding Winter goodbye for another year.
Click here to view!

There you have it! There is your fun, colour and energy for the day!
Have an awesome day!

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