Monday, April 30, 2012

Magical Monday! Brave Hearts and Curiosities!

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to Magical Monday!
First, let me sent a shout-out to everyone who stopped by to visit us at the Saint Paul Art Crawl!  It was so much fun to meet or visit again with all of you and it was a fabulous show!!  Thank you!

So, on to the inspiration and curiosities for today!
Under the category of Brave Hearts.... I give you this:
epic win photos - Finishing a Marathon WIN

Pretty awesome!!!

Next up is this:

(My apologies as I can't seem to find either photographer nor vehicle owner to credit for this photos.)  I know that many people have differing opinions of hippies and VW buses, but I am of the opinion that it takes a brave heart to own such a wonderful, vibrant vehicle such as this and stand behind the concepts beautifully detailed on it in a world that can be very much bound by the material.

And now, the Curiosity!
A Bouncy Stonehenge!!!!
epic win photos - Bouncy Stonehenge WIN

You can find more details here! So there you have it! 
Have a fantabulous Monday and I'll see you on Wednesday! 

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