Friday, June 22, 2012

Fini Friday! Keys, Levels and a Gadget!

Hello Everyone! Welcome to Fini Friday!
 I've had a steadily busy week this week in the studio and it has been a lot of fun! I've been playing with resin quite a bit! 
 I even cracked open my batch of Silicone Mold Putty and played a bit making molds from old keys! 
Let me show you a bit of what's been going on! Here are the molds and the keys that created them on the top or right.  These seem good for first attempts, but I think the larger key mold is likely too shallow.  I'll probably need to do some carving and cleaning up on the casting.  We'll see! 

These are the levels I showed you a little while ago.  This little photo is showing you what they look like with beadcaps and wires glued in.  This was taken while waiting for the glue to cure.  I think they look pretty spiffy!  The next step is to paint them with resin, both to secure the beadcaps (why yes!  I *do* overengineer things, Thanks!) and also to add a bit of Faerie-ness and sparkle!

 This last creation is another in my Pen collection! 
 Title: A Peculiar Gadget
Ingredients:  Steel pen (USA), glass, acrylic, spring steel, lead-free pewter.

I chose the glass bead between the clear-and-gold-flecked bead and the spring because I thought it had the appropriate finish to look like those blued connectors on machines that had absorbed a *little too much* heat!  This is very much inspired by Steampunk and along the lines of a generator or energy-generating gadget!  Also?  The spring in the middle does work and therefore this pen doubles as a fidget-toy!  WHEE!!! 

If you'd like to see this and more creations not showcased in this blog, in person, I'll be in Saint Paul this Sunday! 
See below for details!

This weekend you can find me basking in air-conditioned splendor!

Arts and Crafts Show Sunday, June 24th Only!
10am to 5pm
Temple of Aaron
616 So. Mississippi Blvd Saint Paul, MN 55116

That about wraps this up!!
See you either this Sunday or for Magical Monday!


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