Thursday, June 14, 2012

Whimsy Wednesday! A Few Tweaks...

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to Whimsy Wednesday... on Thursday!  There were a few storms rolling through yesterday and a bit of rain today and so my Interwebs access was down.  All is well and Internets are, again, free-flowing so here goes the Whimsy Wednesday post! YAY!
So today is all about tweaks... those little adjustments we make as we surf through Life.  Obviously, the first tweak is this later blog post, but I have more exciting and interesting tweaks ahead to share with you!

This next batch of tweaks were alterations requested by an Etsy client. She asked that the earwires of two pairs of earrings be replaced with lobster claw clasps! I find this intriguing and am pleased with how the refashioning turned out, so I thought I'd share them with you! Earring creations are Blue Light and Faerie Lanterns, respectively:

The lobster clasps on Faerie Lanterns is copper-plating, which I feel accentuates the antique brass finish of the beadcaps and adds to the overall vintage, yet timeless feel of the creation!

The final revision I have to share is a tweak-in-progress!
This is a hand-mirror that I picked up second-hand on a Walkabout!  I met a delightful woman who offered this for sale and who shared with me as I procured it that it was her Mother's!  She regaled me with memories of it sitting on the vanity and her Mother using it during her daily beauty routines.  What a treasure!  I was mulling over ways to abbreviate my show set-up for those shows that offer less space or other circumstances.  The decision was made that a hand-mirror could be quite useful as a second mirror (rather than the mirror-on-a-stand, which takes up a relatively large amount of table space) in more dimensionally-sparse booths.  That being the case, with respect to the wonderful shared stories about the mirror, I wanted to embellish the mirror and "make it mine".  And this is the result!
You can spy old watch parts, stickers, faux leaves, ink and a brass mechanical wing all sealed in with a layer of subtle colour and glittery pigment!  I am quite pleased with the back of the mirror (which is the first pouring of non-toxic resin) and am looking forward to finishing the front of it in the same manner!  The idea was to create a mirror that both embodied the whimsical spirit of Sprite Creations and is art itself, but not be so outstanding as to outshine the creations that are available for adoption!  And so it is!

Well then!  That's it for Whimsy Wednesday!
Here is what I'm up to in June!

BlogTalk Radio Interview with Cheryl Patton of 1Woman's Wisdom! Faerie Message #8 Tuesday, June 19th 3-4pm (CST, USA)

Arts and Crafts Show Sunday, June 24th Only!
10am to 5pm
Temple of Aaron
616 So. Mississippi Blvd Saint Paul, MN 55116

See you on Friday!

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