Monday, June 4, 2012

Magical Monday! Looking Out for Inspiration!

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to Magical Monday!
Thank-you to everyone who stopped by our booth at Johnstock on Saturday!
It was good to meet or be re-acquainted with you-all!  We had beautiful weather, a lovely neighborhood and a fabulous array of finery and art!
You'll find a list of where else to find me during the month of June at the end of this post!

Today is all about inspiration, as Magical Mondays usually are!  I've been delving into the works of Linda Ravenscroft, another Faerie Artist that I adore!
I was first introduced to Linda's work when a friend gave me the gift of the Mystic Faerie Tarot Deck, which features Linda's artwork! This is the primary deck that I use for many of my readings and the artwork is positive, intriguing and insightful!

Let me post a few links to two of Linda's works that inspire me with a few more unusual jewelry ideas!
Verdure and Lapis Lazuli Fairy I think it is obvious how the Lapis Lazuli Fairy might inspire jewelry, so I'll just point out that I'm intrigued by the "arm jewelry" of the Verdure Fairy (and much of the other arm jewelry that Linda's Fairies wear)!

And one final bit of inspiration.. A video recording of a MonoRail Driver who slowed down for a very lucky (and exhausted!) squirrel! My favorite part of this recording are the people cheering the squirrel on!

Just a little reminder of where to find me (besides here! ...and Facebook... and (sc_amysprite)Twitter..) for the rest of June!

BlogTalk Radio Interview with Cheryl Patton of 1Woman's Wisdom! Faerie Message #8 Tuesday, June 19th 3-4pm (CST, USA)

Arts and Crafts Show Sunday, June 24th Only!
10am to 5pm
Temple of Aaron
616 So. Mississippi Blvd Saint Paul, MN 55116

Have an excellent beginning of the week and I'll see you on Wednesday!

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