Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Whimsy Wednesday! Ocean and Stars!

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to Whimsy Wednesday!
This week has been filled with lots of interesting activities so far and I'm really enjoying it!  I hope the same can be said for you!
I have some watery-goodness to share with you today, so let's get started!
The first creation I have to show you has been languishing for a while... waiting for the proper time to finish it, I suppose!  Most of it was assembled, but I think it was waiting for the final ingredient of whimsy!  Here it is!
Title:  A Mermaid at Play
Ingredients:  Czech glass, Popcap pendant (non-toxic, hand-coloured resin, popcap, Czech glass, aluminum), metal, lead-free pewter. 
I love the mermaid clasp and the Popcap pendant (created by yours truly, of course) and these are really what this creation was built around...but the final touch of whimsy was to hang the side-drilled fish bead so that it looks as if it's about to swim through the "hoop" that the pendant is suspended from!  Isn't that adorable?! 
The second bit of whimsy for today is this bit of ribbon or trim that you see to the left!  I found this while I was out and about at Johnstock this past weekend and just love the cheerful and unusual style of it!  I've never seen anything that combines stars, hearts and snails with the ocean and I love that the stars are smiling!  I'm not yet certain what I'll use this for, but I that is often how these things go!  I'll collect materials for a bit and then they all come together in a beautiful creation!

So I'll leave you now with a little reminder of what I'm up to next week and I'll see you on Friday!

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