Monday, June 25, 2012

Magical Monday! Adventures in Other Worlds!

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to Magical Monday!
I hope your weekend was most excellent!  If you missed us at the Arts & Crafts show in Saint Paul this weekend, it was a wonderful show!  We were surrounded by a beautiful space, lovely atmosphere and very talented fellow artists! 

That said, let's switch gears just a tad and look at some nifty images of different lives and different adventures in other worlds!  I'm always looking for new or different perspectives and I hope you'll join in this curiosity with me as I share a few glimpses into alternate worlds with you!

A Camel Haircut!
epic win photos - Camel Haircut WIN 
I had no idea that camels received haircuts! 
Also? This is absolutely art! I am amazed at the talent and effort of this haircut! 
I love that the style harkens back to the Ancient Greek style seen on much of the ancient pottery! 

Getting Some Games In... epic win photos - Getting Some Games In WIN
This amuses me and I giggle at all sorts of insights this photo gives us! 
I'm always relieved and encouraged and admire monks who take the time to play and balance out the scholarly (and sometimes quite stuffy) tasks with play-full-ness and games! 
As a fellow motorcyclist, I *love* the fact that these Buddhist monks ride motorcycles, too! I imagine them zooming up and down the mountainsides where they might live! Fun! 
And the fact that there are permanent basket-ball courts where-ever in the world these monks reside is just charming! YAY! 

And speaking of charming.... This last video I'm linking to is absolutely magical to me... and I hope, to you, too....  
There we are! A good bit of magic for your Monday! 
I've all sorts of nifty new creations in the works, so check back in with me on Wednesday to see what I've been up to!!! 

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