Friday, January 25, 2013

Fini Friday! Studio Life, Loot and Gearing Up!

Hello Hello!
Welcome to Fini Friday!
I hope your week has been full of warmth and joy!
I've had a pretty varied week, myself. Now is the time to herd paperwork into order as I close out 2012 and work/play with creating or tweaking better systems for me here in the studio. It is a time to pause and reflect on what worked, what didn't and what worked well. The goal, of course, is to move in the direction of everything working well!
So! I have a little bit of studio stuff, a bit of newly acquired loot and a finished creation to show you today!
First, a photo of something I'm very proud of!
A clean desk!
This is the desk from which I usually edit photos, post everything from Blog entries to creations in my Etsy shoppe to Internet marketing and etc. As you can see, I have lots of lovely bits of art all around me. Some of it is spiritual and beautiful and some of it is whimsical and cheerful! One of my current favorites absolutely is the little "Pop-up" notepad you see in the far corner! It has an image of a mischievous kitten eyeing some cheeky goldfish with a "no cats" sign in their bowl! It helps me to smile! The goldfish also have an oyster with a peal inside in their little aquarium world and this reminds me of the wisdom that can be gleaned even from irritating circumstances! 

Onward to the loot! 
This was a modest haul, yet full of interesting materials! I don't know if you can see it, but the larger glass "pony beads" were labeled "magic beads" and I love the way their colours change in the light! The open-work metal bead at the top right has so many possibilities! I fell in love with it because it reminds me of intricate filigree work! I'm am also really looking forward to working with that leather ship's wheel as well! Of course, the charms are all quite charming (HA!) 
YAY for loot! 
Let's wrap up this post with a finished creation!

You may remember that I showed you some of the components of this creation last Fini Friday and now it is fini! 
Title: As Yet Unknown Ingredients: Plastic automobile hose, Popcap pendant (gear sticker, non-toxic resin, metal), bearing, aluminum, metal. 

The two photos are included for a few reasons.  I wanted to show how the necklace opens and closes.  One end of the hose is slightly flared and so the other end tucks into it quite nicely!  I also wanted to show you how the Popcap pendant gear reflects the light in different circumstances!  Oh yes! And did I mention that there is an actual, diminutive fear suspended from the necklace as well?  There is!  Isn't that awesome?!

Before we take our leave of each other, I'll mention that I've another BlogTalk Radio Interview!
Tuesday, Feb. 19th 3-3:30pm (CST, USA)
I'm not giving any hints, so hop on over for a listen that day to hear their message!
See you on Monday!

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