Monday, January 14, 2013

Magical Monday! Street Art!

Hello Everyone! 
Welcome to Magical Monday! 
I hope your weekend was full of rest and magic! 
I'm thrilled to say that mine was! 
This post is about the unlikely topic of Street Art! I've always loved the concept of an Art-full life and that's what this post is all about! 
Let's dive in! 
First, the illusion of warmth, cleverly made out of cardboard! 
Isn't that amazing detail?! 
Credits and details are here!
Next up is a cute little bit of art! Credit and details about it are here! Isn't that charming?! 

I'll leave you with a comparison of neurons versus cities... 
The first photograph is from NASA, (taken from the International Space Station!) with the rest of the details and credits here!
Isn't that absolutely stunning?! 

So that's it for Magical Monday! 

Just a gentle reminder that my BlogTalk Radio interview with a Message From the Faeries specific to January is tomorrow!
Tuesday, Feb. 15th from 3-3:30pm (CST, USA)!
Come on over, rest and listen for a bit!
See you Wednesday!

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