Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Whimsy Wednesday! Pen and Ink!

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to Whimsy Wednesday!
I hope this second week of January finds you well!
I have Pen Creations to show you today! Let's start with the prototype first! I was playing around with different combinations of materials, this grew into completion!

Title: Faerie Pen
Ingredients: Steel and Brass Pen (Pearl White)(USA), Furnace glass (David Christensen, USA), metal.
  It was hard to capture in photo, but that big, beautiful chunk of hand-made furnace glass is actually transparent with all sorts of colourful sparklies in it! I actually purchased it from David Christensen himself, at a bead show many moons ago! He is a cheerful, intriguing person and fun to interact with! I am pondering keeping this pen for myself!

Title: A Wise Companion
Ingredients: Steel and Copper Pen (Pearl White, USA), lead-free pewter, acrylic, brass.
This second pen also uses that Pearl White blank as it's base and I wish the photographs did the pen's finish justice! The description Pearl White is very apt! The white is luminous with little sparklies of colour! Gorgeous!
I've been wanting to play with more pen creations and when I saw this white finish, thoughts of Athena and her wise Owl Bubo popped to mind!
If you don't know the legend, here is the link to a Wikipedia article explaining the myth! Happily, there was a Bubo Owl Bead (from Green Girl Studios) in my inventory! The Greek Key beads were a perfect accent and I'm really pleased with this creation!
The last photo is a close-up of that intriguing owl!

So! That's it for this Whimsy Wednesday!
One announcement before I bid you adieu!
I'll be on BlogTalk Radio with a Message From the Faeries specific to January!
Tuesday, Feb. 15th from 3-3:30pm (CST, USA)!
Come on over and listen for a spell!
See you Friday!

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