Monday, January 28, 2013

Magical Monday! Creation, Destruction and Carnival!

Hello Hello!
Welcome to Magical Monday!
I hope your weekend was excellent and your week looks to be fun!
The themes of this post are fairly wide-ranging and all-encompasssing, yet should be quite interesting!
Let's start with the Destruction first!
I've always been fascinated by the demolition of man-made structures and this particular demolition was filmed in slow-motion! Click here for the video titled Five Massive Cooling Towers Collapsing in Slow Motion.
I find it quite intriguing!

Onward to the Creation!
This is an interactive installation of LED lights suspended in a matrix that changes colour configuration as a person walks through it!
Click here for details and credits! 
And what could be a more spectacular finish to ...well, anything... than a Carnival! 
Some of these photos are of the competition to determine who participates the 2013 Carnivals in different countries and some are of Carnival sights in 2012. This is one of my favorite photos in the article! The article, which includes credits and details, is here.  Isn't that glorious and grand!

So that's it for this Magical Monday!
I'm taking a brief hiatus at the end of this week, so join me for a double-feature of Whimsy Wednesday and Fini Friday this Wednesday!  I'll skip posting on Friday and return on Monday next!
See you then!

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