Monday, August 5, 2013

Magical Monday! Around Home...

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to Magical Monday!
This post represents a bit of a shift in what I'll be showing for Magical Mondays. I still intend to find nifty and beautiful things in and around the world to share with you. I'm shifting gears to include more magical, beautiful events that happen at home and/or on a more personal level.
This post is the start of that!
Let's begin with some visuals, eh?
We have a few farm cats around the place.
I realized that I've photos of the lady cats but none yet of our resident tomcat, Lenny. As I was coming back inside to stow the food from the evening feeding a few days ago, I noticed how stunning the sunlight was as it filtered through his handsome grey fur, creating a nimbus around him.
So I grabbed my camera and captured a few moments of this evening enchantment!
Photo #1 with a bonny column of light shining through...
Isn't that stunning?

Photo #2 Focusing on Lenny...
I hope you can see his striking, glowing green eyes!
Normally he is pretty cautious around most people-things.  Yet for these photos, he lay in the grass and looked the very picture of a majestic, domestic grey lion!
It seemed that he completely understood what was transpiring and was amused and entertained by it all!
Such a courtly, refined fellow!

Other gorgeous bits of magic...
Yesterday, I spied a huge flock of wild turkeys, right outside our window!
The closest fowl came withing 5 feet of our house! They were absolutely graceful, hunting and pecking (literally) at a stately and leisurely pace through our yard!
I'm happy to have them here as they eat all manner of bugs including ticks!
Today as I stepped outside and moved to and fro through our yard on errands I noticed several lovely feathers standing up like flags in and amongst the grass!
What a fabulous reminder of our gracious visitors!

Also on the list of charming events for today are dragonflies!
They've been around for a week or so now and really help with the mosquitoes! WOOHOO!!!
Where the magic comes in is that everywhere I stepped, when I was travelling quickly on errands that I "should" get done, were red dragonflies...right in my path! They hovered a little over knee height directly in my path for a few if to capture my attention and remind me of the joy in each present moment...and then flew on.
How awesome!

And speaking of joy... let me announce my next BlogTalk Radio Interview!
I'll be chatting with Cheryl Patton of 1Woman's Wisdom about Faerie Wisdom specific to the month of August!
It would be so much fun if you could join us!
See you Wednesday!

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