Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Whimsy Wednesday! An Unusual Slate!

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to Whimsy Wednesday!
I hope your week has been grand so far!
Mine has been sprinkled with surprises amidst fun and learning!
I'm doing a lot of revamping and re-imagining these days.
Stay tuned to witness the changes that are blossoming on the horizon!
Now for what I've been up to lately...
Painting my car! Yup!
The same one with the coloured windows from last Whimsy Wednesday!
Let's start with the tableau rasa - the blank slate!

And the first round of embellishment! 

Comets to the left and right!  The silvery comet streaks through a star-filled sky, whilst the firey comet has a shooting star as a companion!
There absolutely MUST be a rainbow!!!!
All of this is still a "work in progress".  
I'll add to it in the upcoming days.  My medium is spray paint, which I've never used for this application before.  The experimenting is fun as well as learning how the paint reacts and blends in various stages of drying.

That's my Whimsy Wednesday for this week! 
Perhaps you'll be able to tune in for my next BlogTalk Radio Interview?  
I'll be chatting with Cheryl Patton of 1Woman's Wisdom about (the often whimsical) Faerie Wisdom specific to the month of August!
It would be wonderful if you could join us!
See you Friday!

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