Monday, August 12, 2013

Magical Monday! Sky Above and Below!

Hello Everyone! 
Welcome to Magical Monday! 
I hope your weekend was fabulous! 
Mine was filled with much joy, laughter, sunlight and nature! 

This post follows the trend of last Monday and is about the magic around home. Let me show you what I mean!
What you see here is a feather found in our yard, swaying gently with the breezes as it was tucked in between grass blades. 
Though we have been blessed with many more visits from flocks of wild turkeys since last Monday's post, this is probably a pigeon feather.  It is quite interesting, in a quiet sort of way.  
The side resting closest to the ground is spotted!  This, rather than the solid grey seen above the quill spine!

This next photo brings me great joy and, I hope, to you as well!
The tree you see here is one of two that flank our driveway and creating a wonderful amount of shade.  They also remind me of Tolkien-esque (or Faerie) guardians as it and a second oak tower over opposite sides of that drivepath.
The perspective captured here speaks of the quintessential view of the Summer Season!  I love the Sun peaking through the darker branches and verdant green leaves!

Speaking of joy...
I'll be chatting with Cheryl Patton of 1Woman's Wisdom about (the often whimsical) Faerie Wisdom specific to the month of August!
It would be wonderful if you could join us!
See you Wednesday!

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