Friday, August 30, 2013

Fini Friday! Fini and Reborn!

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to Fini Friday!
I hope your week has been fabulous so far and that you are looking forward to the weekend!! I've a two sets of creations to show you today.
One is finished and one has been reworked and reborn!
Finished creation first!
On Whimsy Wednesday, I showed you a few design ideas with these red swords. Here is the fini creation!
The sword on the right actually snapped in two as I was wrapping the wire around. It seemed important to show this natural step of the creative process as there is so much concentration on a finished, perfect art piece. The sword on the left is whole and unbroken.
 However, these are not identical!
 The piece of wire used was not long enough to finish in one pass, so a second piece was cut and intertwined amongst the leaves.
Again, all part of that wild and wooly creative process! I'm not quite certain what will happen next with these creations. It may be that they will become an art pieces with a more rich story because of their imperfections and differences!
Stay tuned!

Onward to the rebirth!
Title: Spirit Moon
Ingredients: Amethyst moons, Mother-of-Pearl stars, Czech glass, lead-free pewter(USA), sterling silver.
I actually created these quite a long time ago, with very modest materials. They were the best I could do at the time and the design was awesome! However, I'd always wanted to create them with sterling silver wire, rather than base metal, so that the other exquisite materials could shine through. And now it has happened! The moons are Amethyst. Legend has it that Amethyst is a stone of spiritual intuition and connection with the Divine.
 The stars are Mother-of-Pearl. Myths surrounding this this material ascribe healing and soothing properties to it as well as that of protection and connection to the Ocean. The metallic feathers are designed as spirit feathers, with four levels that represent the Four Ages of Man (by Ovid).  
Silver is also associated with the Moon and Sea and nurturing intuition and soul connection. 
And now.... your weekend!!!
HAVE FUN and see you Monday!!!

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