Monday, February 6, 2012

Magical Monday! Bubbles, a Building and a Home!

Hello Everyone!!
Welcome back to another Magical Monday! My weekend was full of fun, laughter, good friends and good food! That is my favorite kind of time well-spent and I hope it was the same for you!

I have a bunch of nifty things to show you today, so let's get started!

It is a moral imperative to have a beautiful photograph of bubbles on a Magical Monday series of posts! I regret that I could not find the artist for this amazing photograph, so I can not give credit where it is due. Alas!

This next photograph is of a Cathedral composed of LED lights built for Belgium's 2012 Light Festival and is by Stijin Coppens.
epic win photos - LED Cathedral WIN
Absolutely brilliant (HA!!!) In all seriousness, this is a breathtaking creation!

So there we have the bubbles and the building...where is the home?
It is just below!
epic win photos - Rotating Bedroom WIN
Isn't that fascinating? It took me a bit to figure out quite how everything is turned to accommodate all the functions shown in the photos! I think this is ingenious and I'd love to hear how comfortable and liveable it is!
So here we are.. at the end of another Magical Monday!
I'll look for you on Whimsy Wednesday!

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