Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Whimsy Wednesday! Shinies and Adoption!

Hello Everyone!!!
Happy Whimsy Wednesday!
I have a few shinies and fun stuff to show you from this past weekend! I was attending a small convention in outstate Minnesota that has a relaxed, decidedly geeky flavor to it, and what happened is the theme of this post! As is my usual wont, I donated a few pairs of earrings to the fund-raising Art Auction at this event. The rules of the Art Auction state that all art submitted to the auction must be created at the convention and I find the instant gratification of creating and seeing the adoption of those creations very heart-warming!
And here they are!

I'm pleased to say that they all found excellent homes with nifty people and raised a bit of funds as well! YAY!!!
Where is the whimsy in the above tidbit, you ask? Well... look at the title for the fish earrings! Recognize that from a certain Dr. Suess book? Yup! and there are, indeed, blue fish on those earrings! Heeeeee!!!

Next up I have an actual portrait of an awesome creation and it's person! First, let me jog your memory.... You might remember these earrings...

...from this post from late last year.
These lovelies have been adopted by this bodacious beauty!

Adding to the awesome-ness of her graciously agreeing to model her newly-adopted creations is the fact that she's wearing a tee-shirt with the schematics of the Millenium Falcon printed on it!!!!

A few more things to mention before you return to surfin' the 'Net...
SaraCura has been a Creation Location of Sprite Creations since 2008 and I've really enjoyed every moment of that! SaraCura is changing directions and redefining their business, which will not include consigned independent art. We wish SaraCura the very best of luck in this next prosperous step in their successful business journey!
Other good news is that the creations that were fostered at SaraCura will be available for adoption in my Etsy shoppe in the coming days!
Speaking of adoption.... I have a few shows coming up that I think you'd like to know about!
Bellantyne-Saturday, Feb. 18th Bella Luna Boutique, Minnetonka, MN (USA).
Moonlight and Magic Expo-Saturday, April 21st Cambria Inn&Suites Maple Grove, MN (USA).
Spring Saint Paul Art Crawl-Friday, Saturday and Sunday, April 27-29th Lowertown Lofts, Saint Paul, MN (USA).
Also!! A BlogTalk Radio interview on Tuesday, February 21st from 3-4pm (CST, USA)!
Whew!!! Lots going on and more on the horizon so keep checking in with me!!!
See you on Friday!

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