Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Whimsy Wednesday! Circling!

Hello Everyone!!!
Welcome to Whimsy Wednesday!!
We've had a bit of winter weather in my neck of the woods and so part of my day has revolved around dealing with that. I do very much appreciate, however, that even with the snow, our temperatures are really quite warm! That really helps!

I noticed a theme of circles as I sat down to write this blog post and thought that was appropriate given the high winds of the past few days!
So, without further ado...Circles!

This first creation is a Popcap Pendant. A little review for those who haven't heard about these yet! These are pendants I create from recycled bottle caps. I carefully arrange the little vignette inside the cap and then pour in one or more layers of a non-toxic resin to secure the bits and bobs inside. The resin requires 3 days to cure. Lastly, I drill the pop cap and thread in the rings by which the pendant will be suspended.
Title: Forest and Sky
Ingredients: recycled bottle cap, Czech glass beads, non-toxic, hand-coloured resin, metal rings.

This is, of course, in my Etsy shoppe! As an interesting detail unique to this pendant...there are actually two pourings or layers of the resin, each with a different hand-coloured, sparkly pigment mixed into the resin. The first layer is the beautiful, glittery gold colour that is most easily seen. The second pouring was a more thin layer of sparkly sea-green.

The second creation I have to show you are a pair of earrings that just grew into completion today. I've had them as an idea on my workbench for a while and today felt like the day to finish them!
Title: Cosmic Rings
Ingredients: Czech glass, permanently-coated copper wire (USA), anodized aluminum, surgical steel earwires (hypo-allergenic).

What I love best about these is the perfect contrast of precise circles and organic play of the lovingly hand-wrapped wire between those rings! And you'll find those in my Etsy shoppe here!

Well! The circle has come back around to completion and this blog post is nearly finished! Thanks for 'circling' with me and I hope you have a fabulous evening!
See you on Friday!

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